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Get Involved

Join our discord to connect with futurists from around the world, volunteer to gain experience towards a great cause, and fund projects that will help us create an innovative & sustainable future.


Our nonprofit provides many assets for members which include micro grants, access to industry experts, learning opportunities, and project experience


Get connected with thousands of futurists from around the globe.
From students to professionals, building the future starts with everyone working together!


Dedicate your time or resources to supporting or creating projects that will make the world more innovative & sustainable.



Volunteers are passionate about the future and will work closely with nonprofit staff on projects that fulfill our mission.


Members who donate receive decision making power within the non profit and help support projects directly.


Are you apart of an organization or do you know of one with similar goals? Lets connect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Futurist Foundation a real non profit?

Yes! We are a legal nonprofit within Canada, but we have members from around the globe.

I want to create a good future. How do I help?

Awesome, that passion is a great start! We are always looking for volunteers and donations. If you cant donate time or money then you can support us by joining our discord and following our social media.

What exactly do you guys do?

If you still don’t know our mission, we fundraise for, produce and promote projects that have the specific aim of raising awareness about transhumanism, and educating the public on the scientific and philosophical matters of the future.

What is Futurism?

Futurism is the belief in the need to look to the future rather than reflect on the past, coupled with an optimism that personal and social fulfillment lies in the future in the form of technological progress and integration.

What is Transhumanism and Posthumanism?

Transhumanism is the philosophy that we should use technology to improve and alter humans for the better, while still maintaining a physical body and human psychology. Post-humanism is the outlook that some say is the sequel to transhumanism. It is when we use technology to completely alter ourselves, either by adopting new bodies, radically changing the ones we have, or existing in non-physical digital substrates. Often with these changes come new abilities and mental faculties that change the person’s psychology to something no longer human, hence the “post” in post-human. 

Why Engage in Futurism & Transhumanism?

Some call transhumanism the philosophy of the future, and it is one we should adopt to explore the possibilities tomorrow may bring. Together with futurism, transhumanism and post-humanity offer us a conceptual framework to comprehend and address the altered states, revolutions, and challenges future technological and societal change incurs.