About Us

Working together to create an innovative & sustainable future.

Crowdsourcing the future so everyone gets a say.

The Futurist Foundation is a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote crowd-sourced projects seeking to educate the public on the matters of futurism and to support research into legal and ethical questions concerning future technology and its usage.

We will encourage the use of technology to inspire and enhance global security, through promoting international cooperation of science, de-escalation of arms, and supporting research into existential risks.

We aim to move technological progress forward by enhancing humanity’s understanding of science, logic, and keeping an open mind.

We promote the inclusion of all people regardless of any individual trait and aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from the use of technology.

Our Projects

Stay up to date on all of our projects. They range from space development, to robotics kits, essential living & more! If you see one you want to be apart of or support feel free to reach out to our team or donate.